Your 3rd year

Blog posts have become more widespread and I am so sorry for that. 

In a few short weeks, you will become a big sister. You’ll no longer be the only kiddo, but I know you will adjust just fine. You are so excited about being a big sister and I cannot wait to see you in that role. By having a sister, you’ll always have a friend. You’ll have a partner in crime and someone to fight with. You love babies and talk about how you’re going to help.

You’ve been doing riding lessons since you attended a Ponies Camp in June. You have had 2 horse shows and you have gotten a pink ribbon and a blue ribbon. You talk about your competitions non stop. Seeing you ride is so fun and exciting. You can tell how much you love it. It’s your happy place!

You started “preschool” this month. You are doing 2 days a week at the dance school. The first day of school, you turned to me and said, “bye momma. I not need you.” I’m so proud of how big you are. The confidence you have is fascinating. 

You started sleeping in your big girl bed last week. You had a few rough nights, but overall you are doing great!

I love you, sweet pea.



You are THREE!

Happy Belated birthday sweet girl! We had a big day on your birthday–you flew in 2 airplanes!


We traveled to Charleston, SC and daddy picked us up at the airport.




You did a great job flying!

You had a Dora the Explorer themed birthday party a few weeks ago. We had a blast!


I’m so proud of the sweet, spunky, funny girl you’ve become. You make life so much fun. You love horses, Sammy is your favorite. You love pizza, lemonade vitamin water, and Lilo and Stitch.

I can’t wait to watch you become a big sister in a few months! You are already SO excited! You tickle the baby through mommy’s belly, and you hug it and talk to it. It’s so sweet!

I love you, sweet pea.


RoRo: dog
Poot: poop
Zipzip:to cut her play doh
Zizzy: Izzy
Nummy nummy: gummies or anything sugary
Guppy: ketchup
Fench fwries: French fries

“Pete ate my POOT.”
“Sit here me, mom.”
“Let go me daddy.”
“I you too, mommy daddy.” (I love you too)
“Can’t catch me!”
“I need to eat.”
“I could eat.”
“You went pee pee ma!”
“I go home.”
“You seep good ma? I swept good”
“I help you ma.”
“Hide me!”
“Pete is daddys. Zizzy is mommys. Barbies mine.”
“I need two nummy nummies.”
“I go fast!”
“Jump! Jump high me mommy.”
“Help meee.”
“Guppy guppy.”
2017 update:

Pick a RoRo out

Hatch an egg  (cracking eggs to bake)

One week til ho ho!

Hey Lady Bug,
You are so interested in Santa this year-you’ve already met him twice!



We visited him with barbie in tow at the vet and then we saw him while in Hilton Head.

You have been potty training and doing SO well!

Right now, you are in love with Barbie dog. However, you have your moments when you don’t want her to do something or look at you it seems.

Daddy loves when you say who the dogs belong to. Barbie is yours, Izzy (zissy) is momma’s and daddy’s is PEEEETE. We aren’t sure who Barkley belongs to, but we all love him.

You currently love TV. It is often times a battle to get you moving because of the TV.

You love working on board puzzles and you’re so good at them. You get excited when you finish them.

Next week we will be opening presents and I can’t wait to see your excitement. Hopefully hoho will bring good stuff!

Love you sweet girl.


Hello Fall!

It’s officially fall in Rocky Top. Today we painted pumpkins



You enjoyed painting your pumpkin. You also enjoyed picking out your pumpkins when we went to the pumpkin patch in Ohio.

Last week we visited family in Ohio and then Grammy and Wayno met us in Lexington and took you to their house for a couple days. Daddy and I saw UT beat Georgia and then headed up to see you!

You started potty training about a week ago and you were doing awesome. Then the travels put a stop to it. You’ll be wearing panties soon girl!

Daddy and I became foster parents this summer and currently we have our second placement. You love her so much.  Every morning you come out to the living room and when you see her you say, “awwwww cuuuuuttteee!”

You say, “thank you mommy/daddy” and “I saruu (sorry) mommy/daddy.” SO stinking cute. 

Your favorite movie is Lilo and Stitch (Ste mommy, steee). You demand a tutu when you see the girls dancing in hula skirts.

We recently added a 4th dog to our house. We got her for you and you hate her. Good decision. I think you guys will be friends soon though.


You love to wear your helmet and play on your tricycle and scooter. You love cards-sorting and stacking. You slept with flash cards last night.

Your favorite color is blue and your favorite number is 2. You started dance (tap and ballet) in August. You don’t always love it but you warm up to it after we get there.

I love you, sweet girl. You are growing up and it is so fun watching you.  I am so excited to experience life with you!

I love you!