Creativity of Jovi

You are so creative and imaginative. You have another family, Bobo, Calliope, Peaches and Blue. You love each and every stuffed animal you have. You have given them all names: Bubblegum Pink, Crayon, Christmas Tree, Bun-Bun, Pink Hearts, Blackey, Unicorn, Egg, etc. So many. You love to play hot lava. Today you and I sat […]

Big girl jov

You are growing and learning so much. You love writing letters and drawing pictures. Currently, there are 6 pictures hanging on your bathroom wall. We recently turned the guest room into a play room for you and Piper. You love playing outside with Pete. Y’all are best buddies. We recently put your mattress on the […]

4 years of you

You started your last year of pre-k last month. This is your second year of Performing Arts school at Angela Floyd. Your teacher is Ms. Carolyn. You are learning french and you use the words in daily happenings. You have really started to enjoy dancing and practice around the house.   You love to laugh, […]

Interview of mom

1. What is something mom always says to you? “Bad girl.” (Just so we’re clear I’m not I’ve ever said that to you.) 2. What makes mom happy?Be quiet, swim good with your butt up 3. What makes mom sad?I don’t know 4. How does your mom make you laugh?Make silly faces 5. What was your […]

Almost FOUR.

Girl. You are a little over a week from being four! You ask questions and tell multi step stories. You have another family where everyone is named Bobo. You are excited to finally poop out the baby in your belly and you will name her peaches. You were concerned that Peaches would need boob milk […]

Growing up

Jovi, You are growing up so fast. You are beautiful, funny, and so much fun to be around. As you continue to grow up, there are few things I want you to remember: Be you. You don’t have to be a leader but be YOU. Stay true to who you are and what you believe […]