Almost FOUR.

Girl. You are a little over a week from being four! You ask questions and tell multi step stories. You have another family where everyone is named Bobo. You are excited to finally poop out the baby in your belly and you will name her peaches. You were concerned that Peaches would need boob milk and you don’t have any. I volunteered to help feed Peaches once she’s born. You have to have a tutu, a bracelet for both wrists and ankles and a headband around your head when you watch Lilo and Stitch. You know a lot of the words to Moana. After your Moana party, you are going to have a Paw Patrol birthday. Such a planner. You just learned to swim without a floatie! You’re addicted to swimming now. You have fallen off your horse twice now. You went to horse camp last week and loved it again.

Favorite food: says mac and cheese but you don’t eat or spaghetti

Favorite color: pink 

Favorite movie: Stitch

Favorite tv show: Bob with dad. You said Elena of Avalon

Favorite place to go: Chuck E Cheese

Want to be when you grow up: like Moana

Favorite animal: horseys

Favorite drink: milk

Best friend: “all my best friends”


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