Growing up


You are growing up so fast. You are beautiful, funny, and so much fun to be around. As you continue to grow up, there are few things I want you to remember:

Be you. You don’t have to be a leader but be YOU. Stay true to who you are and what you believe in.

Laugh. A lot. Life gets serious, but don’t let it get to you. Find the humor in life. Laugh until you cry. 

Love with all you have. Love people, love yourself. Love your sister, love your parents. 

Be kind. Be kind to everyone. You don’t have to like everyone, but be kind. 

Dream big. And then follow those dreams. You can do it. If you want to be a doctor, play soccer, and be the girl who rides horses do it. Do it big, girl.

Save money. Buy things that make you happy, but save money too. You never know when you’ll need it.

People will be mean to you at some point, but pick yourself up and get over it. They may make fun of your clothes, your hair, or anything they can. Just realize they are insecure and being mean to you is how they cope. Just smile and walk away. That says way more about you than any amount of words.

Find your passion. If you’re in a job, relationship, or hobby you aren’t passionate about, leave it. Pursue your passions.

Call your parents. We love you. We will annoy you. We will embarrass you. You will think we don’t understand, but we do. And we always will.

Eat cake. Maybe not the entire cake, but enjoy it. 

Live, laugh, love. 

We love you, sweet girl.




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