Your 3rd year

Blog posts have become more widespread and I am so sorry for that. 

In a few short weeks, you will become a big sister. You’ll no longer be the only kiddo, but I know you will adjust just fine. You are so excited about being a big sister and I cannot wait to see you in that role. By having a sister, you’ll always have a friend. You’ll have a partner in crime and someone to fight with. You love babies and talk about how you’re going to help.

You’ve been doing riding lessons since you attended a Ponies Camp in June. You have had 2 horse shows and you have gotten a pink ribbon and a blue ribbon. You talk about your competitions non stop. Seeing you ride is so fun and exciting. You can tell how much you love it. It’s your happy place!

You started “preschool” this month. You are doing 2 days a week at the dance school. The first day of school, you turned to me and said, “bye momma. I not need you.” I’m so proud of how big you are. The confidence you have is fascinating. 

You started sleeping in your big girl bed last week. You had a few rough nights, but overall you are doing great!

I love you, sweet pea.



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