RoRo: dog
Poot: poop
Zipzip:to cut her play doh
Zizzy: Izzy
Nummy nummy: gummies or anything sugary
Guppy: ketchup
Fench fwries: French fries

“Pete ate my POOT.”
“Sit here me, mom.”
“Let go me daddy.”
“I you too, mommy daddy.” (I love you too)
“Can’t catch me!”
“I need to eat.”
“I could eat.”
“You went pee pee ma!”
“I go home.”
“You seep good ma? I swept good”
“I help you ma.”
“Hide me!”
“Pete is daddys. Zizzy is mommys. Barbies mine.”
“I need two nummy nummies.”
“I go fast!”
“Jump! Jump high me mommy.”
“Help meee.”
“Guppy guppy.”
2017 update:

Pick a RoRo out

Hatch an egg  (cracking eggs to bake)


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