One week til ho ho!

Hey Lady Bug,
You are so interested in Santa this year-you’ve already met him twice!



We visited him with barbie in tow at the vet and then we saw him while in Hilton Head.

You have been potty training and doing SO well!

Right now, you are in love with Barbie dog. However, you have your moments when you don’t want her to do something or look at you it seems.

Daddy loves when you say who the dogs belong to. Barbie is yours, Izzy (zissy) is momma’s and daddy’s is PEEEETE. We aren’t sure who Barkley belongs to, but we all love him.

You currently love TV. It is often times a battle to get you moving because of the TV.

You love working on board puzzles and you’re so good at them. You get excited when you finish them.

Next week we will be opening presents and I can’t wait to see your excitement. Hopefully hoho will bring good stuff!

Love you sweet girl.



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