Hello Fall!

It’s officially fall in Rocky Top. Today we painted pumpkins



You enjoyed painting your pumpkin. You also enjoyed picking out your pumpkins when we went to the pumpkin patch in Ohio.

Last week we visited family in Ohio and then Grammy and Wayno met us in Lexington and took you to their house for a couple days. Daddy and I saw UT beat Georgia and then headed up to see you!

You started potty training about a week ago and you were doing awesome. Then the travels put a stop to it. You’ll be wearing panties soon girl!

Daddy and I became foster parents this summer and currently we have our second placement. You love her so much.  Every morning you come out to the living room and when you see her you say, “awwwww cuuuuuttteee!”

You say, “thank you mommy/daddy” and “I saruu (sorry) mommy/daddy.” SO stinking cute. 

Your favorite movie is Lilo and Stitch (Ste mommy, steee). You demand a tutu when you see the girls dancing in hula skirts.

We recently added a 4th dog to our house. We got her for you and you hate her. Good decision. I think you guys will be friends soon though.


You love to wear your helmet and play on your tricycle and scooter. You love cards-sorting and stacking. You slept with flash cards last night.

Your favorite color is blue and your favorite number is 2. You started dance (tap and ballet) in August. You don’t always love it but you warm up to it after we get there.

I love you, sweet girl. You are growing up and it is so fun watching you.  I am so excited to experience life with you!

I love you!


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