9 days from TWO!

Sweet Girl,
You are almost TWO! You are talking more and more {a lot that we don’t understand!} but you have something to say about everything.

You LOVE Grandpa Bill. Grandma Peggy is a close 2nd though!

We just got back from HHI with them and Christa, Rusty, Mason, Cage, and Micah. You loved playing with Micah! You wouldn’t leave her or Cage alone.

You touched bugs and chameleons while at the beach. At first you were scared, but within 5 minutes you were carrying it around.

You still love pizza, duh who doesn’t?

You love swimming in the pool, but you hate to wear a swimsuit.

You have a blue betta fish named Bob. You love looking at him.

In a few days we will be having your birthday party with family and friends. I can’t wait to see your face 🙂 This birthday is a Toy Story theme.

I love you!


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