Summer is near

Sweet girl,
We went to Hilton Head and Grammy and Wayno joined us. You had an absolute BALL at the beach! You loved the water and rolling around on the towels under the umbrella. We are so glad you love the beach because we do too! We hope that you are able to appreciate all the fun you get to have. We live seeing you smile and would do most anything to make you happy.

Recently Daddy got you a swingset at home. He is so proud of it! You are such a big girl and like to sit on the big kid swing and have us push you. You are smart beyond your years.

I hope that you can dream big, yet stay grounded. You can do ANYTHING you put your mind to! You are such a happy, smiley little girl and I just love that about you. I hope you always keep that big smile.

Your birthday is next month and you will be TWO. I am so proud of you and the independent girl you’ve become. I really hope that we can give you a sibling or (two) in the coming years.

I love you sweet pea.


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