Where’s my baby!?

Jovi girl. You have to stop growing so fast! With your sass and intelligence, I no longer have a baby! You’ve recently started throwing tantrums (not fun) but luckily they only last a little bit and then you’re fine. You’ve recently started screaming? I don’t know why.

You love bath time!  I think you’d sit in there for hours playing and pouring. 

The time change is still messing with you. You are usually in bed by 630, which used to be 730 and wake up time is about 7/730 when it was 8/830. It works fine for me, I’d rather be up earlier in the morning (some times…).

You love playing with your stuffed animal puppies and babies. You love putting things (any thing!) in your baby stroller. You love Barkley the most, he at least let’s you hug him and roll on him. You love bubbles, “bububs.” You still love any food with cheese. You’re really loving blueberries, bananas,  and blackberries. You prefer to eat the banana like a big girl and not a fan of slices of bananas.

You love books. You’ll just grab a book and sit down and flip through the pages.   We’ve read “That Kind of Mommy” roughly 50 times…even daddy has read it…it’s funny listening to him say, “but I’m not THAT kind of mommy…”

Today you helped me put up one of the Christmas trees. You were very interested in handing me the branches and making sure the lights were plugged in. I’m SO excited for Christmas.  I hope that you inherit my love for the holidays. When I was young I would get so excited that I even spent a couple christmas eve’s throwing up. That’s a little much, I know, but Santa is SO cool. Who doesn’t like waking up to a living room full of presents from Santa!?

Words that you are saying: dadada, momma, baba (barkley), bubub (bubbles), ball, Daddy claims you said “dog.”

Skills: throwing trash away (you love it!), climbing the ladder on your climber down stairs, dancing, learning to jump (just not leaving the floor yet).

You love Doc McStuffins, Sofia, and Mickey Mouse.

Love you always.


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