16 months

Tomorrow you’ll be 16 months! Not a big deal I guess, but you have changed SO much in the last 4 months. You’ve started walking, weaned super easily from the bottle to the straw cup, started pigging out on big people food – pizza is your fave, walked every inch of this house and have not stopped talking since you woke up!

The other day dad got home from work and you told him every second of your day – in your language- and when you were finished you crossed your arms, looked away and then looked right at him like “I told you ALL that and you don’t have a response!?”

You have gained a great interest in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, DocMcStuffins, and Sofia the first.  You clap when the Hot Dog song comes on.

You LOVE baby dolls. Today I found a baby stroller for your babies! You love it. You also love purses/bags.

Halloween is next week and there are so many activities coming up. We are going to the pumpkin patch,  Boo at the Zoo, Big Orange Madness, and other trick or treating activities I’m sure.

Yesterday we took you to The Little Gym.


You walked around squealing!  You played on a bounce floor, walked on a balance beam and did front rolls.

You are learning so much and growing up!



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