She’s walkin’

Slow down you walking machine! Well, now it’s more of a run! You have started walking while carrying things,  which often times ends with you tripping over the item. You love carrying bags and beach pails. Also, your beach pails typically have other toys in there.  I’ve been working on your basement playroom and it’s coming along! Last week we bought you an obviously outdoor toy and put it in the basement. Daddy claims your spoiled. We’ve been watching cartoons and Disney movies…they grab your attention a little, but secretly I love the Disney movies.

Last weekend you attended your first Vols tailgate. You played in your pack n play and then came home for a nap. Exciting stuff right there.

We’ve been working on more language development and moving away from everything being called “dadadadada.”

You are playing more and more and entertaining yourself. Watching you explore and learn is so awesome.

You are still sleeping like a champ and averaging just 1 morning nap. It works so I can’t complain.

Today you swam with Daddy. You guys had so much fun. He tossed you up, he let you lay on your back, and even put you on his shoulders.  You just giggled and smiled!

You are growing so fast! Love you!


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