Summer 2014 so far…

We celebrated your 1st birthday last month. We had a party for you and we also celebrated the day of your bday with Great Aunt Peggy and Great Uncle Bill and daddy of course. You got a car track, a ball, some snacks for 1 year olds (!), a baby and a drum from The Wirts.

You love your baby so much. You know what to do when we say, “love your baby,” or “kiss your baby.” It’s so cute!!

We are now in Florida for Uncle Seth’s wedding. You have been sleeping like crazy girl! We are in central time and you’ve been going to bed SO late and you nap all day. You are a growing girl.

You looked SO cute in your dress for the wedding.  I bought that for you last fall and I’ve been so excited for it ever since.

You want to walk so bad. You pull up on anything and everything.  You’ll walk around couches, beds, coffee tables, etc.

You still have the intense love for momma.  We are going to work on it just so that daddy can feel the love too. He just wants to play with you girl!

You’ve been playing with Jacks…or just poking his eyes and face. You’re an odd girl…

Life is about to slow down for us and I look forward to seeing you walk!

Kisses baby.


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