Jov – you’ve started WALKING! Ahhh! You waved to me yesterday morning and then yesterday afternoon you walked (with my help). You are growing up sooooo fast!! You are amazing, pretty girl. You’ve started eating lots of solids, even your beloved puffs!  You’ve been going to sleep on your own at night time.

You still love Barkley and Pete. You love to grab Barkley’s eyebrows and rip out hairs 😦 You love being outside and taking walks. You’ve been saying da-da and ma-ma. We’ve tried a sippy cup and you aren’t sure of it just yet. You love people and being out in public. You just smile and talk! You love the grocery store and cart.

We are in the process of moving out of our house and will move in with aunt Peggy and uncle Bill for a month or two. It’ll be a crazy period of time but you’ll get plenty of love from them!

Love you, baby.


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