Growing up!

We just went to your 9 month appointment a few days ago. You weighed 15lbs 4oz and 26 in long. We started feeding you bottles while I just pump now. You weren’t gaining weight as fast as your doctor wanted. You have started eating meats, chicken and rice was the first. You love it. Also, you started eating Puffs, which are delicious. It’s so cute watching you eat them.


You have started to stand, and you prefer to stand. Daddy and I have to hold your hands.  You stand with your lion walker though. 

You’ve started commando crawling. You are so determined and it’s so funny.


You’ve tried a dog treat…I think you would’ve eaten it had I let you.

Your cousin Jacks was born on Monday.  You guys are exactly 9 months apart!

You have the cutest little face and smile. Any time we are out people stop and talk to you. You just smile 🙂

You are starting to talk a lot more. We don’t understand most of what you say though.

Love you baby.


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