Yesterday you experienced your first taste of dirt. What started off as playing and touching the grass, dirt and sticks ultimately came down to putting it in your mouth. This is the end game of everything you touch.


You are now 32 weeks old. When you were still in Mommy’s belly, she was running 5ks! She was SO ready to meet you!

Now eating solids has become a major MESS! You have to touch the spoon every time and it gets everywhere!


You are now very vocal. It sounds like you say “HI!” and a lot of “ahhhhhhhh.” You definitely love an audience!

You still refuse to even try to sit up when you are on your back. You are able to stand if I hold your arms.

You love Sofie the giraffe, the taggies puppy, and toys with sound. You haven been on two runs with daddy and you seem to like it!

You have been sleeping about 10 hrs and waking up around 6:30-6:45 am. You wake up SO happy!

Love you, Jovi Girl.


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