Two months!

Jovi is two months old, as of yesterday!
She loves to:
Sleep in someone’s arms
Swing on the hammock
Explosively poop–many pjs have been changed and soaked…
To ride in the car
She loves avent pacifiers! This may backfire, but it makes her happy and sleepy!

She is sleeping one stretch of 6-8 hrs and then 2-3 hr stretches. We typically wake up around 1:30am eat for an hour and up again at 5ish. She is such a happy baby at the 5am feeding and is typically “awake” afterward! This makes for a sleepy momma! She moves from her crib to the rock n play in the living room while momma cat naps on the couch!

Daddy likes to sing and dance with Jov. I’m not sure she’s thrilled about it.


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