Breastfeeding rant.

I’m not on a “breast is best” kick, but I’m tired of people reacting to the news of my choice to breast feed. Let me start with why I breast feed: 1. I want to use these boobs for something! 2. It’s FREE! And 3. It is good for the baby (not saying formula isn’t)

But I’d like to make formula feeders aware of what us breast feeders go through.

To breast feed you have to be selfless. You will more than likely get irritated at the sound of your husband sleeping the night away as we get up to feed and/or pump. You have to schedule your day around feeding and pumping. You live everyday with sensitive nipples, and some people have cracking, bleeding nipples. You live with giant boobies and have to buy more bras (read: bigger bras).

Yes, I know you want to hold my baby and it irritates you that I have to feed her. Yes, I have milk frozen and I could make a bottle. But understand that I will not “waste” frozen milk if I’m sitting here with her. My frozen milk is my freedom and I shall determine when to use it, thank you very much.

Yes, when I mention the sleep I got (or lack thereof) I’m not complaining, I  merely stating why I’m yawning and barely awake. Again, still my choice to breast feed and I know that, but regardless I’d have to get up to feed my baby even if I were using formula.

I’m not asking for a pat on the back for devoting these months to having a baby latched to my boob, but rather understand what we are going through. We are not complaining but justifying our zombie state with our sensitive nipples and the possibility of milk oozing from our boobies. 


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