Things I’ve learned in 3 weeks of being a parent

1. Sleep when the baby sleeps, seriously. Especially during the longest stretch of sleep. Jovi sleeps her longest stretch after the 9 or 10 pm feeding. Obviously if I could choose I’d choose midnight to 5 or 6 am. But I don’t get a choice. So she sleeps from 9 or 10 to about 2:30-3. And that still includes time for another early morning feeding about 2 hours later.
2. Learn quickly when you can move a sleeping baby from your chest. Move too soon and they wake up. Move too late and you just missed free time.
3. Let the baby lay on your chest–the easiest way to put a baby to sleep!


4. Wear your baby! Seriously I had previously thought the Moby Wrap was for hippies. But I got one anyway. And I am glad I did! Hauling the stroller everywhere is annoying and I feel too “mommy-fied” with the stroller.  We also got the ErgoBaby but haven’t used it yet.
5. Don’t take an online statistics course with a newborn…especially if you aren’t a stats guru or a math person.
6. Take all the free food you get offered. And if people ask what you need, tell them lunch food-especially if you are home alone with baby during lunch.
7. Shower everyday. We got a Rock n Play sleeper that I put Jovi in either awake or asleep and I shower. Now, it may be 4pm and I’m just now showering and possibly brushing my teeth. But it still happens. Ha.

(Update: 11weeks out)
8. I want to make a note to myself to remember the healing process hurts! I bled until about 3 weeks, went for a run at 4, then bled for another week. It’s a process, but totally worth it.
9. Breastfeed if you can. I’m not all “breast is best” but it’s pretty damn good. I gained 19.5 lbs during the pregnancy, and was back to prepreg weight at 3 weeks. Now, I wasn’t back to prepreg shape and couldn’t fit into my prepreg clothes. But, I was still happy!
Also, breastfeeding gives you such an incredible bonding time. It is also cool to think that I am providing the essentials she needs to grow.
AND it’s FREE!


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