38 weeks 6 days…

I am still pregnant.  You have moved into -1 station, which is good.  You are laying low and putting all kinds of pressure on momma’s bladder and lady parts. It’s wonderful 🙂 We had an appointment yesterday afternoon and found out that I am still dilated 1 cm and the cervix has softened and thinned. Just waiting on the cervix to dilate! The doctor has suggested to come in Sunday evening to start Cervidil to hopefully open the cervix and then she will start the Pitocin to get things moving.  If nothing happens, we will try again Wednesday.

I am not a patient person especially when I am excited for something. Last night, I started having contractions around 10:30 pm.  I moved to the couch because they wouldn’t stop and I didn’t want to wake daddy. I was in and out of sleep until about 2 am. I waited until 3:30 to tell daddy so I took a shower to get ready to go to the hospital.  Well, after the hot shower the contractions subsided and momma went to sleep. Total bummer.

I think we are getting close regardless how you get here.  The pains and discomfort I have been experiencing show that something is happening in there!

We cannot wait to meet you and would like to as soon as possible!


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