10 weeks 2 days…

Okay Baby,

Please let me eat.  Yesterday, while eating lunch at work, I had to run to bathroom to throw up every bit of my lunch.  Granted, Fazoli’s was probably a terrible choice.  But tonight, Papa Johns tastes much better going down than coming back up…just minutes after swallowing it. 

I would like to say Duchess Kate is in the hospital for acute morning sickness, while momma is throwing up at work, at home, and at resturants (Zaxby’s, day after Thanksgiving). I guess she IS a Duchess.

Symptoms this week have been amplified—vomiting, exhausted, mood swings, all the good stuff. I am ready for January 1…a new year and I will be into the second trimester and hopefully no more vomiting.

I know you will be worth all the trips to the bathroom and I am already so READY to meet you! Or at least know if you are a boy or girl so I can start this “nesting” process!


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