we are having a babbbbyyyy!

We went to the doctor yesterday morning.  It was a morning that we had been looking forward to, but yet tried not to think about.  After the “not-so-great” summer we had, we tried to keep this surprise under wraps! But, we were able to hear the heart beat- it was the craziest moment of my life!

So, now that it is official– the due date is around June 29th.  We should be able to find out the sex of the baby around Valentine’s Day.  However, we are going to keep it a secret—hopefully until our baby shower!

9 Weeks and 1 Day- November 26

Current Pregnancy Symptoms:

Food Aversions: Bacon and Pepperoni

Cravings: Chocolate Nesquick and Milk

Weight Gain: -3 pounds (not for long…)

Super Nauseous and Sleepy!

Vomit Count: 1



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