Summer is near

Sweet girl,
We went to Hilton Head and Grammy and Wayno joined us. You had an absolute BALL at the beach! You loved the water and rolling around on the towels under the umbrella. We are so glad you love the beach because we do too! We hope that you are able to appreciate all the fun you get to have. We live seeing you smile and would do most anything to make you happy.

Recently Daddy got you a swingset at home. He is so proud of it! You are such a big girl and like to sit on the big kid swing and have us push you. You are smart beyond your years.

I hope that you can dream big, yet stay grounded. You can do ANYTHING you put your mind to! You are such a happy, smiley little girl and I just love that about you. I hope you always keep that big smile.

Your birthday is next month and you will be TWO. I am so proud of you and the independent girl you’ve become. I really hope that we can give you a sibling or (two) in the coming years.

I love you sweet pea.

Girls day out

Today we spent a day out of the house! We shopped at the outlets, at the at Chop House, went to Jen’s baby shower and played outside!




The weather was great today!

I’m going to miss your giggles, your need for help, and your amusement in the smallest things. You’ve made life so fun just by watching you explore and learn. I love you girl!

Kisses always.


Little Jov,
You are almost 20 months old. The snuggly baby is slowly starting to fade. The independent girl is starting to shine through. You have a great imagination! It is so fun watching you play and explore.

You love baby dolls, baby doll strollers, purses, and stuffed animals. You love to slide. You love to watch the Toy Story movies. You LOVE baths, too!

You still sleep with a paci and sleep with your blankies. You have some stuffed animals that sleep with you too!

We’ve started trying to potty train. It’s not going anywhere yet, but it will!

Love you!

Snow and Ice 2015

We had our first winter storm at our new house this week. We got a lot of ice and a little snow. You went sledding with daddy down the big hill out front. You LOVED it. You would yell “goooo!” as soon as you got back to the top.


The dogs loved the weather too!

Daddy thinks you will break your arm at some point. You are definitely a daredevil!

First UT bball game

Today we took you to your first, and our first!, UT men’s basketball game! 


You were all over the place! We sat really high and you enjoyed watching the half time show with a dog performance.

We spent half of the first half walking around in the hallway and the second half was just you wallering between me and aunt peggy. You kept pushing dad away and trying to push him out of his seat.

love you.


Welcome to the new year baby girl! We have started the year off in Hilton Head! We’ve played on the beach, taken bike rides and eaten good food!


It’s been chilly, in the mid to low 60s. We’ve dressed warm and played hard! I think you love the beach, when we ask if you want to go you get VERY excited and say YESHH!

I’ve taken some good pictures (over 300…). Can’t wait to post them :)

We look forward to many more HHI trips with you!

Love always,


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