Catch up!

We have had a great summer so far. We have gone to Hilton Head twice, swam a lot, played at the bounce house place, and had lots of fun! We have become foster parents and we had a baby for about 2 weeks. You loved having her here and wanted to hold her and help her with her bottle. You got frustrated though when you had to be quiet so she could sleep. You love to go to the splash pads.

You’re TWO!

Little Jov,
You turned 2 on Wednesday. We celebrated with Krispy Kreme for breakfast and then went to Chuck E Cheese in the afternoon. We got you a kitchen and a market stand, a bubble mower, doc mcstuffins puzzles, and a play dough set! You LOVE the kitchen and all the stuff that came with it. Later that night we drove up to Ainsley’s house as we started our journey to Ohio for Grandma Rita’s funeral.

Grandma Rita loved you. I’m so glad she got to meet you and love on you.

While we were in Ohio, you developed pink eye. You still did great while we were up there, we snuggled in bed in the early morning hours when you couldn’t sleep.  You are such a good traveler :)

I love you so much sweet girl.

9 days from TWO!

Sweet Girl,
You are almost TWO! You are talking more and more {a lot that we don’t understand!} but you have something to say about everything.

You LOVE Grandpa Bill. Grandma Peggy is a close 2nd though!

We just got back from HHI with them and Christa, Rusty, Mason, Cage, and Micah. You loved playing with Micah! You wouldn’t leave her or Cage alone.

You touched bugs and chameleons while at the beach. At first you were scared, but within 5 minutes you were carrying it around.

You still love pizza, duh who doesn’t?

You love swimming in the pool, but you hate to wear a swimsuit.

You have a blue betta fish named Bob. You love looking at him.

In a few days we will be having your birthday party with family and friends. I can’t wait to see your face :) This birthday is a Toy Story theme.

I love you!

Summer is near

Sweet girl,
We went to Hilton Head and Grammy and Wayno joined us. You had an absolute BALL at the beach! You loved the water and rolling around on the towels under the umbrella. We are so glad you love the beach because we do too! We hope that you are able to appreciate all the fun you get to have. We live seeing you smile and would do most anything to make you happy.

Recently Daddy got you a swingset at home. He is so proud of it! You are such a big girl and like to sit on the big kid swing and have us push you. You are smart beyond your years.

I hope that you can dream big, yet stay grounded. You can do ANYTHING you put your mind to! You are such a happy, smiley little girl and I just love that about you. I hope you always keep that big smile.

Your birthday is next month and you will be TWO. I am so proud of you and the independent girl you’ve become. I really hope that we can give you a sibling or (two) in the coming years.

I love you sweet pea.

Girls day out

Today we spent a day out of the house! We shopped at the outlets, at the at Chop House, went to Jen’s baby shower and played outside!




The weather was great today!

I’m going to miss your giggles, your need for help, and your amusement in the smallest things. You’ve made life so fun just by watching you explore and learn. I love you girl!

Kisses always.


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