Almost a toddler!

1 day to go until you are officially a TODDLER! How crazy! You are most definitely trying hard to be an energetic toddler. Refusing naps, staying up late, getting into things…I may be biased but you are the cutest little girl I’ve ever seen!

You have such a fun and playful personality.  You do things hoping to get a laugh.  You are almost always in a good mood, you do have your time of crankiness though.

We are still trying to transition off of the bottle onto straw cups. You will eat just about anything,   especially if we are out to eat.

You and cousin Jacks are pretty much the same size – he may actually be bigger!


Summer 2014 so far…

We celebrated your 1st birthday last month. We had a party for you and we also celebrated the day of your bday with Great Aunt Peggy and Great Uncle Bill and daddy of course. You got a car track, a ball, some snacks for 1 year olds (!), a baby and a drum from The Wirts.

You love your baby so much. You know what to do when we say, “love your baby,” or “kiss your baby.” It’s so cute!!

We are now in Florida for Uncle Seth’s wedding. You have been sleeping like crazy girl! We are in central time and you’ve been going to bed SO late and you nap all day. You are a growing girl.

You looked SO cute in your dress for the wedding.  I bought that for you last fall and I’ve been so excited for it ever since.

You want to walk so bad. You pull up on anything and everything.  You’ll walk around couches, beds, coffee tables, etc.

You still have the intense love for momma.  We are going to work on it just so that daddy can feel the love too. He just wants to play with you girl!

You’ve been playing with Jacks…or just poking his eyes and face. You’re an odd girl…

Life is about to slow down for us and I look forward to seeing you walk!

Kisses baby.

1st birthday party

Last weekend we celebrated your 1st birthday. 


You had your first cold the week of your party and we were moving in to the new house. You had the runny/stuffy nose and a cough.  You did really well at the party! You got all kinds of good stuff!

Now you got momma sick.  Love you.

Beach vacation

Last week we went to Hilton Head Island.  Aunt Dee and Jay came over and spent a few days with us. You loved the beach, even eating some sand. We saw a starfish and you fearlessly grabbed it! You are now standing up using items, such as mom. I have a feeling you will be walking very soon! Tonight we are getting your 1 yr photos done. Your first year has flown by, pretty girl.

We are living with Aunt Peggy and Uncle Bill. They have played with you so much!

We are less than 2 weeks from closing on the new house!

Love YOU.

The end of the boob era

At 48 weeks and 2 days I decided to end all the pumping. I still nurse you in the morning but that too will be coming to an end. You’ve been drinking whole milk since about 10.5 months. You refused formula.

You’ve been sleeping so well, still. Last night was a 12 hr night!


Today was your very first Easter.


You got two onesies and a pair of pants, a bunny plush animal, bunny ears, a book, and a piggy bank!

We went to church with the DeGreen’s and ate lunch with them.  They absolutely loved having you around!


We went to eat dinner with daddy who was working.


I think it was a success! Next year we’ll hunt easter eggs!!

Kisses, baby.


Jov – you’ve started WALKING! Ahhh! You waved to me yesterday morning and then yesterday afternoon you walked (with my help). You are growing up sooooo fast!! You are amazing, pretty girl. You’ve started eating lots of solids, even your beloved puffs!  You’ve been going to sleep on your own at night time.

You still love Barkley and Pete. You love to grab Barkley’s eyebrows and rip out hairs :( You love being outside and taking walks. You’ve been saying da-da and ma-ma. We’ve tried a sippy cup and you aren’t sure of it just yet. You love people and being out in public. You just smile and talk! You love the grocery store and cart.

We are in the process of moving out of our house and will move in with aunt Peggy and uncle Bill for a month or two. It’ll be a crazy period of time but you’ll get plenty of love from them!

Love you, baby.


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