Growing up!

We just went to your 9 month appointment a few days ago. You weighed 15lbs 4oz and 26 in long. We started feeding you bottles while I just pump now. You weren’t gaining weight as fast as your doctor wanted. You have started eating meats, chicken and rice was the first. You love it. Also, you started eating Puffs, which are delicious. It’s so cute watching you eat them.


You have started to stand, and you prefer to stand. Daddy and I have to hold your hands.  You stand with your lion walker though. 

You’ve started commando crawling. You are so determined and it’s so funny.


You’ve tried a dog treat…I think you would’ve eaten it had I let you.

Your cousin Jacks was born on Monday.  You guys are exactly 9 months apart!

You have the cutest little face and smile. Any time we are out people stop and talk to you. You just smile :)

You are starting to talk a lot more. We don’t understand most of what you say though.

Love you baby.

A letter for the future (hopefully a long way away)

I want you to know something just in case you need it.

I lost my dad, your gpa, when I was 23. Even though he had seen me graduate high school, left me at college, and walked me down the aisle, I still feel like I lost him way too soon. He never got to hold you…or any of your siblings.(if we get to that). He never got to see you smile.

I know that he would love you more than you can imagine, and even though he never met you I know he still loves you.  The day that I get to tell you about him is a day I dread and look forward to. It’ll be hard for me to talk about him in the past tense but I’m excited for you to get to know him.

Now to my point. I want you to know how much I love you. In the case you have to deal with my exit from your life I want you to have the words I wish I had.

I want you to know that on every big day, I’ll be there.

On every special day, I’ll be there.

On sad days, I’ll be there.

On days that all you need is encouragement, I’ll be there.

On the days you just need someone to talk to, I’ll be there.

I’ll be there. If not in person, I will be in spirit.

If I go too early, it will be the right time. You’ll have days when you just think about me and you’ll have days when you don’t. There may be tears or maybe even laughs. But, sweet girl, carry on. Don’t be afraid of life without me. You’ll be fine. Keep your head up and live your life. Smile, laugh, and love. Live.

First word!

On March 5, you said Da-Da! Although its been almost a week and you have yet to say it again! I was able to catch it on video so I have proof!

You are sitting so well by yourself now. You are able to stand with our support. You are growing up so quick all of a sudden!

You love to pinch and scratch. You smile the cutest smile I’ve ever seen (aside from Daddy of course). You love all fruits and dislike peas and carrots. You have developed a love of a certain blanket, luckily I bought two of them before I had met you.

You are still enjoying swim lessons and you even got to swim with dad today.

I’m excited to watch you grow and learn.

Love you.

Grocery shopping

You made your grocery cart debut last night. In pure Jovi fashion you caught the attention of people passing by. I’ve never seen your eyes and head move around as much or as quick as they did at the grocery. Every time I put an item in the cart you leaned back to grab it.



You are too cute!


Yesterday you experienced your first taste of dirt. What started off as playing and touching the grass, dirt and sticks ultimately came down to putting it in your mouth. This is the end game of everything you touch.


You are now 32 weeks old. When you were still in Mommy’s belly, she was running 5ks! She was SO ready to meet you!

Now eating solids has become a major MESS! You have to touch the spoon every time and it gets everywhere!


You are now very vocal. It sounds like you say “HI!” and a lot of “ahhhhhhhh.” You definitely love an audience!

You still refuse to even try to sit up when you are on your back. You are able to stand if I hold your arms.

You love Sofie the giraffe, the taggies puppy, and toys with sound. You haven been on two runs with daddy and you seem to like it!

You have been sleeping about 10 hrs and waking up around 6:30-6:45 am. You wake up SO happy!

Love you, Jovi Girl.

Sitting up!

You started to be able to balance yourself when we sit you up! I put you in your pack and play with the boppy behind you and you love it! You play and grab your toys. You squeal from excitement.

Your favorite “toy” is the remote. Your favorite foods are apples and sweet potatoes. You dislike peas.

You have two teeth! You have handled teething beautifully.

You are still sleeping through the night!

Love you!


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