2nd trip to Hilton Head Island

This weekend we took you back to to HHI.  It’s daddy and I’s favorite vacation spot. He wanted to watch you walk all over the beach, and that you did! You visited with every dog that was walking on our stretch of beach and you chased the birds. You were a bit unsure of the ocean waves coming in so you stayed on the sand most of the time.







The trip has wore you out- you went to sleep around 5:15 tonight and at almost 5 hrs later you still haven’t woke up…hopefully you’ll make it to a reasonable time tomorrow morning… [update: you made it until 7am! Only almost 14 hrs of sleep!]

Chuck E. Cheese

Yesterday we took you to Chuck E. Cheese.  To say you enjoyed it would be an understatement. You were mesmerized by the “band” and loved all the rides and games! You even devoured a whole slice of pizza. Your reward from the tickets we earned was a crazy straw.




You were so wore out that you took a 90 min afternoon nap! 

When you woke up you ate spaghetti and even had your own plate.


So much fun was had!

She’s walkin’

Slow down you walking machine! Well, now it’s more of a run! You have started walking while carrying things,  which often times ends with you tripping over the item. You love carrying bags and beach pails. Also, your beach pails typically have other toys in there.  I’ve been working on your basement playroom and it’s coming along! Last week we bought you an obviously outdoor toy and put it in the basement. Daddy claims your spoiled. We’ve been watching cartoons and Disney movies…they grab your attention a little, but secretly I love the Disney movies.

Last weekend you attended your first Vols tailgate. You played in your pack n play and then came home for a nap. Exciting stuff right there.

We’ve been working on more language development and moving away from everything being called “dadadadada.”

You are playing more and more and entertaining yourself. Watching you explore and learn is so awesome.

You are still sleeping like a champ and averaging just 1 morning nap. It works so I can’t complain.

Today you swam with Daddy. You guys had so much fun. He tossed you up, he let you lay on your back, and even put you on his shoulders.  You just giggled and smiled!

You are growing so fast! Love you!

More toys please

This afternoon your dad and I spent at least 2 hrs driving around to find you a chair. Like a little foam kid chair.  Finally we found one that dad would buy. He was so excited to get it for you.
Once we got it home you refused to get out of it. I had to feed you dinner in it. 

You are a walking machine now. You still can’t get up by yourself if you “fall” but you are more willing to let go of things and walk.

Trip to the zoo

Yesterday we took you to the zoo. You waved at all the animals and you loved the elephants.  You touched a milliped and snake. You tried to feed a giraffe and freaked out. Somehow you peed out of your diaper and soaked daddy.



You are very mobile and active. You are getting into everything. You and I have been going on a lot of runs. You enjoy the runs because you get to eat puffs and yogurt bites while momma works.

You still aren’t walking on your own but you will let go and stand for a few seconds.

Almost a toddler!

1 day to go until you are officially a TODDLER! How crazy! You are most definitely trying hard to be an energetic toddler. Refusing naps, staying up late, getting into things…I may be biased but you are the cutest little girl I’ve ever seen!

You have such a fun and playful personality.  You do things hoping to get a laugh.  You are almost always in a good mood, you do have your time of crankiness though.

We are still trying to transition off of the bottle onto straw cups. You will eat just about anything,   especially if we are out to eat.

You and cousin Jacks are pretty much the same size – he may actually be bigger!



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